What We Can Offer You...

THE COOLERS are basically a 5 piece band who are available to book for Weddings, Corporate Events, Party's and Venue bookings, although we can operate as a 4 piece right up to 9 piece for Corporate Events and large Weddings. The Band has been gigging for over 5 years and usually perform at over 100 gigs per year. This is the band in its basic form, but there are so many other combinations and additions to our gig package which we can offer, and this is were you will find out what and any other information you might wish to ask about us.


How long does your set(s) last?
The Coolers generally perform a 1 x 90 minute set. If necessary, they can split the set into 2 x 45 minute sets with a short 15 - 30 minute break

How many members of the band?
We are generally a 5 piece band usually, however to suit budgets we can operate as a 4 piece (without sax) or we can add up to 4 more members. This can include, for example Jennie Sawdon as a lead female vocalist, Bass player Neil Fairclough and any combination in the Brass section to include Alto or Tenor Sax and Trumpet. As an example - we played at the Sir Alex Ferguson Charity Ball in March 2007 as an 8 piece line up to great affect. The line up on that evening was:

Gavin Strand - Lead Vocals
Jennie Sawdon - Lead Vocals
Roger Hughes - Keyboards
Bryan Hargreaves - Drums
Neil Fairclough - Bass Guitar
Johnny Heyes - Lead Guitar
Kenji Fenton - Tenor Sax
Russell Bennett - Trumpet

How much space does the band need?
The band in its usual form has three members in the rhythm section at the back (drums, keys and guitar) and two up front (vocals and sax). This means that it can usually fit into really tight spaces, with the front two standing on the dancefloor if necessary (which has been fine on most gigs). If you were looking at the perfect size of area for the band, it would be an area approx. 3M x 5M

Do you have all of your own equipment?
The band provides all of its own instruments and PA equipment for around 200 people (assuming the room isn't cavernous with high ceilings). For larger events, the band uses a professional Sound and Lighting company called Southside PA's, with which rates can be negotiated by the client. Their number can be asked for on request.

In terms of lighting, the band has lighting to light the band and stage area, but not disco lighting.

What is the booking procedure and deposit requirements?
If you wish to book the band, please inform us by email (assuming the date is free and we meet your budget), and a contract will be emailed back to you. You need to fill in and sign the contract, enclosing the 20% deposit and send it to the address on the contract.

How long do you take to set up?
Between 30 and 45 mins.

Can we pick songs from your repertoire that we like?
Of course you can, please feel free to send us a list of 20 or so songs from our repertoire, and we will endeavour to fit them into our set. New songs for first dances and special favourite pieces can be requested, but please give us enough time and bear in mind that the singer is male!!!

What do the band wear?
The band wear black suits - black shirts for Weddings and Corporate Events, and will wear either that or their own clothing for Pubs and Party's, please specify what you would prefer.

What style of music do the band play, and what will they play for us?
The bands extensive repertoire can be seen by clicking here - however, like all good bands, they will judge on the evening what the crowd respond to and never stick to a set list for every gig. They are competent in every style of music from 60s, to Rock and Roll, Soul, Pop through to the popular Indie music of today. For earlier (time-wise) gigs or special events, the band can even play a swing/ rat pack set for 45 minutes, although this tends to be redundant later in the evening when guests really want to take to the floor. The band basically play whatever they think will make the evening a success, and making the guests enjoy themselves is always their top priority.

Additions to 'The Coolers' Package

There are several add-ons to 'The Coolers' package which are suitable for Weddings, Corporate events and Party's. For more information don't hesitate to email us on our 'NQUIRY' page, but here are some details to wet your appetite.

JENNIE SAWDON female vocalist
The Coolers have a fantastic relationship with one of the UK's best session singers - Jennie Sawdon.

The band are available to book with Jennie, obviously at an increased price, however it allows the band to tap into a further fabulous repertoire of legendary male and female performers that Jennie can undertake, such as Aretha Franklin, Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson, Basement Jaxx, Dusty Springfield, Chakakahn and Sister Sledge.

An incredible singer in her own right, she also is an extremely talented songwriter and she is currently recording an album which she hopes will see her secure a recording contract in the near future.

Jennie Sawdon

'The Coolers' JAZZ TRIO or QUARTET for your wedding breakfast or drinks reception

Due to the unique musical background and education, which the members of 'The Coolers' have come from, the band are able to offer you the option of booking a trio or quartet of the members to play background Jazz and Blues at your wedding breakfast or drinks reception.

The act will play 2 x 45 minute sets of classic and contemporary Jazz and Blues, which will add a cool and classy atmosphere to your day. The performance will include Jazz standards such as 'Fly Me to the Moon', 'St Thomas', 'Autumn Leaves' and 'West Coast Blues' as well as many, many more. Please email for prices and further details.

The Coolers jazz trio or quartet

HUGHES & JONES piano duo

After performing a 3 year residency on Fridays at The Living Room, Manchester and Tuesdays at The Living Room, Liverpool, Roger and Gavin hung up their Living Room hat to concentrate on performing in 'The Coolers'. However, their well polished act is still available for you to book for your wedding breakfast and/ or drinks reception. Their repertoire covers every musical genre from Rat Pack and Swing, through to Elton John and John Lennon.

Roger's classy piano playing and Gavin's silky vocals were famous on Fridays at The Living Room, book them for your wedding in order to add to a memorable day. Please click this link for the Hughes & Jones REPERTOIRE > or click this link to FIND OUT MORE >

Hughes & Jones

PROFESSIONAL DJ for the evening

'The Coolers' have been gigging for around 5 years, and have seen many DJs during their adventures, and its far to say that not many of them have impressed. You can get many who continually talk all night, some who sing over the tracks and others who just have terrible equipment and taste in music! As a result, they have built up close relationships with around 10 professionals, who in their opinion, are top quality. The band can offer these DJs as part of their package, people who not only do a professional job and are well presented, but who also complement the band and ensure that the evening part of the day, is a complete success.

Our DJs have good equipment, play good music to cater for all types of wedding guests and are thoroughly professional in their outlook. They usually play from a 7pm set-up, through till a 1am finish, with the band playing in between from 9.30 or 10pm for 1.5 hours. Please click here to look at some of our DJs or email us here for more information.